Introduction of Yuri Tazawa (CEO of Y's Staff)

Yuri Tazawa (CEO of Y's Staff)

My life’s work is the achievement of a society that can work without restricting the time and place (Telework). This is not only for women but also people who live remote areas, senior citizens and the people with disabilities.

I was born in Nara prefecture, Japan in 1962. I graduated from Department of Hispanic Studies, Sophia University, Japan. I joined Sharp Corp. and worked on technology, product planning and sales promotion for the personal computer. I got married and had a baby and reluctantly quit my job which was a normal thing to do at the time in Japan. I became an independent freelance writer, writing computer related books and magazines. I was able to keep working from home while I was raising 3 children despite moving 5 times due to my husband’s transfer.

Over time I developed the concept of Net Office, which is a combination of software and processes that allow us to divide and complete projects between team members in different locations. In order to implement Net Office I founded Y‘s STAFF in 1998 in Kitami City, Hokkaido where my husband was transferred. In 2004 I opened the Nara office, my home town, as a second base and the Y’s STAFF became a corporation in 2005. Now, there are about 140 teleworkers inside and outside of Japan and we are working and managing over 50 projects at the same time on the internet. Our main business activities are homepage and email magazine creation/editing and internet marketing etc. In addition, we are actively working in the teleworking consulting field.



Born in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture


Graduated from Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University
Joined Sharp Corp.


Quit Sharp Corp.
Became an independent freelance writer


Established Y's STAFF


Y's STAFF became a corporation

Public Service

Regional Information and Communication Adviser

The Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications

Teleworking Research Committee

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Recent Main Commendations


Nikkei Regional IT Award 2008
Teleworking Promotion Award - Japan Telework Association
Japan Venture Awards 2008, Entrepreneur Category


Female Entrepreneur Awards, Encouragement Award
Hokkaido IT Management Contribution Award


Challenge Award of Women, Special Category Award
- Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office

Yuri Tazawa (CEO of Y's Staff)

September 2008 Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and Yuri Tazawa at the prime minister’s official residence. The proposal of “Improving Societal Conditions for Working Women” was submitted.